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An AdBlue® manufacturing machine manufacturer that boasts the No. 1 market share in Europe and Asia.
With a manufacturing plant in Guangzhou, China, we believe that Ever Blue's greatest strength is that engineers can remotely follow up with customers in the event of a breakdown.
In January 2023, LJ Trading signed a sales contract with Ever Blue as a general agent in Japan.
We handle sales, import, delivery, and after-sales service.


Size: Length 130 x Width 140 x Height 185 cm
Hourly production volume: 550ℓ/h
The fully automatic urea water production machine can produce up to 550 liters of water per hour.
Urea water can be produced. We produce pure water according to VDA requirements with a two-stage RO+ ion exchange resin system.
Eliminates the need to replace the ion exchange resin in the system, enabling continuous, stable production of high-quality pure water.


Size: Length 175 x Width 180 x Height 185 cm
Hourly production volume: 1000ℓ/h
This is our highly recommended fully automatic urea water production machine that can produce 1,000 liters of urea water per hour, eliminating the need to replace the ion exchange resin with a two-step RO+EDI system.


We have manufactured a variety of products through OEM production of miscellaneous goods.
As a general trading company, we have successfully traded with various countries across different fields, including seasonal items, consumables, and miscellaneous goods. Leveraging our global network, LJTRADING efficiently manages production, gains insights into local market trends, and offers tailored proposals to our clients.