LJTrading is headquartered in Japan, with bases in Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, and various partner companies and factories.
In order to meet the various needs of our clients, we are constantly conducting research through our global network.
Based on the above network research, we carry out efficient production management, grasp local trends, etc., and continue to make appropriate proposals to our clients.


We have a track record of regularly purchasing urea from China to Japan. Urea is diluted with water and is used in many industries.

Main uses of urea Exhaust gas purification: Urea solution is used in the exhaust gas purification system of diesel engine vehicles. When the urea solution is injected into the exhaust gas, it very efficiently reduces nitrogen oxides, converting them to nitrogen and water vapor.

Chemical Industry: Urea solution is used in the chemical industry. For example, urea solution is used in the manufacture of adhesives, dyes, paints, resins, and explosives.


Glutinous rice flour/starch
We handle glutinous rice flour/starch that is widely used in kirimochi and daifuku.
We regularly import from Thailand.


Coal is mainly produced by simultaneous compression and lignite carbonization of plants by crustal movements, and the main component is carbon.
Coal is used as a fuel for power generation, steel production, chemical industry, etc. Globally, China, the United States, India, and Australia are major coal-producing countries.


Iron ore is a kind of mineral containing iron, and the main component is iron oxide.
Iron ore is used as a raw material for steel. By reducing iron ore at high temperature, iron is discharged and steel is produced.
Major iron ore producing countries include Australia, Brazil, China and Russia.