Apparel Fashion

Fashion is one of the key businesses we are continuing to expand.

We have a sewing factory in Southeast Asia, and we are continuously expanding our business by accumulating OEM results for various fashion brands.
LJ TRADING offers women's clothing, men's clothing, children's clothing, underwear, and thick jumpers.
We have production lines for all kinds of cut and sewn fabrics in Southeast Asian countries.

Based on our extensive experience through OEM, we carry out consistent production from material proposals to production management and delivery.
A creative group with a professional perspective and reliable technology provides the best products. Utilizing our wealth of experience, we are developing businesses that meet a wide range of needs, from material proposals to product planning, sewing, and distribution.


Vevey is a small town on a cape in Lake Geneva, Switzerland; a European lifestyle city filled with happiness and leisure.

Based on the style of the town of Vevey, we have created VEVEY to be a fashion brand that sets trends. Based on lifestyle, the concept was created to lead trends in a wide range of fashion, from golf equipment, men's and women's fashion, to bags. Expect to see some VEVEY trends coming your way soon.

Collaboration Track Record

  • Rio Olympics: Archery chest guards
  • “pip man & pip girl” animation
  • Commemorative T-shirts for a major company golf tournament
  • Company uniforms
  • Fashion masks