We also procure raw materials from overseas through a wide network.

As a general trading company, we offer a wide range of products. While accurately responding to rapidly changing consumer needs, we are able to stably deliver high-quality products with advanced information capabilities that predict the future of the market.


Cutter and Buck relocated from Seattle, Washington in 1989 during a time of growing environmental movements, the rise of technology, and alternative music. Since then, we have aimed to blend environmental consciousness, technological innovation, and a spirit of independence, while also interpreting nature and golf culture in our own unique way.

CUTTER & BUCK is a top-ranked high-end golf brand in the U.S., known for its powerful yet sophisticated design and color choices. Our brand is beloved not only for its sportswear but also for its stylish casual wear that can be worn in everyday life. Our fashionable golf wear is perfect for the course, while our wearable athletic looks can be enjoyed everywhere from the office to the screen and the field. In short, CUTTER & BUCK is a golf wear brand that expresses itself in a distinctive and edgy way no matter where you are.